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Our Zooomeee platform connects the dots between the employee, employers and educational institutions. The platform is based on open standards and offers an infrastructure to build business networks with the aim to bring HR back to line-management.


Smart Bio

Focus on individual

The Smart Bio helps you to get to learn employees and non-employees quickly and professionally.


Psychological insights

Assessments are boring - our tests are fun and easy to do. They help to define your next step.

Learning advice

Positive energy

Every individual receives personal learning advice. Positive feedback ensures action.


Perfect fit - and fast

There is no need to ask a temp agency to deliver the 'three names to choose from'. Zooomeee does that for you.


Starting your career

Students want to find the best internships available. We help them to secure future growth.


Planning your future

Defining your goals as an organization and selecting the best talents to make it happen.


Making deep connections

The Smart Bio is fully interlinked with the e-coaching capabilities. Now you can understand each other.


Practical, fast, direct

The platform is so simple that training is not neccessary. To make it even more simple - training is available.