Our partners deliver services - we concentrate on the platform

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There is a substantial difference between building a platform and the provision of services. Zooomeee has the focus, creativity and the desire to build the best 'Total Talent' platform. We have partners who support our customers delivering services on top of our platform. Together, we make a super-strong team.



Make stunning website

Our CMS is super-easy. You can build your own site in a matter of hours. You can offer Smart Bio's for free.


Customer satisfaction

The CRM module makes your SupportDesk effective and efficient and your customers happy.


Enlarge your audience

Now it is possible to present all your learning items directly to the person that needs it.


Perfect fit - and fast

There is no need to ask a temp agency to deliver the 'three names to choose from'. We do that for you.

Talent Hackathons

Pressure cooker

We believe in ultra short physical support to help individuals. Typically 27 hours to find a new job.

Key Battle Framework

Strategic Talent Management

Departments, organizations, regions - they all want to define their key battles and find the best talents.


Making deep connections

The Smart Bio is fully interlinked with the e-Coaching capabilities. Now you really know each other.


Practical, fast, direct

Every course is available as a white label so organisations and partners can start right away.