Total Talent Framework

The groundwork for agility

The 'Total Talent Framework' is our guiding principle for developing the Zooomeee platform. The framework connects the dots between the individual, the employer and education. The deep inter-linked relationship between all three parties creates a foundation for growth and agility.



Agile career

Careers start already at the age of 15 - working on Saturday to make their own money. During their life they will have many jobs, projects and join many teams. It is crucial to understand their passion, strengths and competencies. Zooomeee offers always direct career advice.


Agile workforce

Today's business is probably different from yesterday's and tomorrow it will change again. Success highly depends on a workforce that is agile to grow with the changing circumstances. And if not, Zooomeee will help you to find the talents you need today!


Agile development

Education and training offers an excellent recipe to keep growing as an individual and as an organization. They both need to develop themselves to stay ahead on the competition. But there is more: developing a culture of constant growth ensures success! 

The Total Talent Framework consist of three stages: Attract, Educate and Unleash. Every individual, employer and educational institution goes through the same stages. And why is the Unleash so important? The very best engagements happen in a stage of 'Unleash'. When people, organizations and educational institutions meet in the Unleash-stage, wonderful things happen. Believe us.