First, there is a vision - the rest is execution

 Talent is about employees, and much more. To get work done, organizations use employed workers, many different types of non-employed workers, and robots. The median usage of non-employed workers is 16% (SIA, 2016). For the heaviest users, nearly half their talent comes from non-employed workers. This share is expected to grow in the near future.


Understanding your employees

Do you really know them?

More than half of the organizations do not understand employees’ motivation, skills, and productivity. And remarkably, 20% to 30% of organizations don’t know how many workers they have, the number of open positions, tenure, or total labor costs. 

What about non-employed workers

Do you understand them?

The overall “visibility” into motivation, skills, productivity, costs, etc. of non-employed workers is about two-thirds as for employees. As talent pools grow, it is important to understand who is in these pools to source them.

Unmotivated talent

Seems often to be OK

Only 10% to 20% make efforts to motivate their non-employed workers. And while organizations generally believe they should be trying harder to motivate employees, they’re more indifferent about motivating non-employed workers.

The time is right

For a Total Talent approach

 We believe a holistic and proactive approach to talent acquisition and talent management will help organizations better address their most pressing workforce challenges, especially in today’s more complex workforce and business environment. 

Barriers to seeing the big picture

Do you recognize this?

Organizations are challenged to being able to see, in one view, what’s happening with employees and non-employed workers. Barriers include conflicting department priorities, inconsistent operating processes, inadequate systems, and more. 

We are Total Talent oriented

Zooomeee can help

A number of suppliers are actively preparing their products and services to support a Total Talent approach. Zooomeee has spend years on this domain and is capable to deliver a sound platform based on a well-tested out architecture.