Zooomeee makes use of general psychological insights. All assessments are validated and fully integrated with the platform. The result is that every result of an assessment is used to generate new insights and support. All assessments make use of serious gaming techniques. This allows the individual to execute an assessment fast and with joy. The result is always directly available. Coaching services can be added on request but this is not a prerequisite. 

Within the Zooomeee platform we have the following assessments available.

  • Passion: based on the theory of John Holland
  • Strength: based on the theory of Jung
  • Competencies: based on emperical studies done by Zooomeee

All assessments are avauilable for the individual and for the employer. The employer can make use of the assessments to 'articulate' his job description so it is much easier to find the best candidate without going trhough all resumes.